We are Paxli

Paxli is a group of professionals who work in different areas of music and who, worried because of the poor dissemination of Mexican music both in our country and the world, have the main objective to create a virtual space to advertise the extensive musical production generated in our country from the 19th century to this date, and be a means for musicians and musical groups to have the opportunity of becoming a point of contact with people interested in their music and their activities.

We offer a tool so:

  • Mexican composers can make their work known.
  • Mexican interpreters can advertise their work and offer their services.
  • Musical groups and institutions in Mexico and abroad can promote their activities.

Committed to the task of disseminating Mexican music, Paxli has created a publishing company that will allow us to publish anthologies of different instruments. The first one is “Códice Tambuco”, a Percussion Anthology.

We are also developing a Digital File of Mexican Music, in which we have collected over 8,000 documents including biographies, photographs, work catalogues, papers including profiles of musicians, interpreters, musicologists, people related to music and musical groups. We have information of more than 4,000 musical records, 15,000 works and around 1,200 biographical data.


Anthology Códice Tambuco on sale

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  • Organization, cataloguing, classification and conservation of archives.
  • Transcription of scores.
  • ...and more